Supporting local tourism is in

By The Weekender Travel

December 13, 2020 | 3 minute read

Where are you holidaying this summer? With international travel still a far away dream, many Australians are looking a lot closer to home for their next getaway. 

New research released by the Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) has shown that three quarters of Aussies plan to spend their summer holidays traveling within their own state, while only one quarter of Australians are planning to head interstate. 

Tourism in regional Australia is booming right now and it’s all thanks to the locals. When we couldn’t travel to the other side of Australia, we were happy to frequent the nearby wine regions, mountains and beach towns of our own states and territories instead. 

Of those Aussies who were planning on travelling overseas this summer, a whopping 70 per cent now plan to spend that money on domestic travel instead. Their motivation? To support those tourism businesses that have suffered greatly from both the bushfires and COVID-19 this year. Regional towns are already beginning to bounce back, with record numbers of bookings from local travellers. 

In a year where travel often felt near impossible, the staycation has been one of the biggest trends (yep, even bigger than that sourdough phase we all went through.) A huge part of this is the reluctance to jump on a plane. Instead, travellers are opting for the classic Aussie road trip.

Our own backyards are filled with world-class tourist destinations that we often put off in favour of more exotic locations. “The Bellarine Peninsula? Oh that will always be there,” we think. But now is the time to embrace the staycation and explore those gorgeous places on our doorstep. 

Visit those hot springs you’ve always wanted to go to. Climb that mountain you can see from your driveway. Head to the regional pub two towns over that everyone’s been gushing about. Rent your neighbour’s dreamy holiday house by the beach and just zen out for a couple of days. 

While most of our state borders are now open, there is still some hesitancy among Aussies to cross those borders. Travellers are wary of straying too far from home in case there is another outbreak. Will the borders remain open for long? What if we can’t get home? Couple this with the bristling you get when you tell the Tasmanians that you’re from a former COVID hotspot and it’s almost enough to make you stay within 10km of your front door for the next year. 

This will undoubtedly pass with time but for now, it’s lucky we’re blessed with such knockout regional destinations in every state of Australia.