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Travelling art show returns to TAS

By The Weekender Travel

October 30, 2020 | 3 minute read

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts
Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

After making its way around Australia’s coastline and hopping from boat to boat all the way up to Townsville, The Partnershipping Project returns to Burnie today for one last show. 

The Partnershipping Project is a travelling art show that celebrates artists from regional Australia and changes at every stop. Featuring the work of twenty artists and spanning two years, this collaborative production between four states of our country seeks to answer one important question: ‘does place matter?’

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The project saw the artworks piled into eight salvaged dinghies to be transported across the Bass Strait and up the east coast of Australia before returning to Tasmania for their final show. New local artists joined the project at each stop on the tour in Burnie, Tasmania; Townsville, Queensland; Lismore, New South Wales and Mt. Gambier, South Australia.  

The show began in Burnie where eight Tasmanian artists filled the boats to be exhibited at the local gallery. After the exhibit, they bundled up these works into two boats to send on to Townsville. The other boats sailed empty, to be filled with Queenslanders’ work. It continued like this with each region sending off two boats of their own works plus the art they received. By the time the art-filled dinghies arrived at their final destination, each watery corner of Australia was represented by two boats. 

According to the show’s synopsis, “The Partnershipping Project aims to explore the extent to which the places where we live, and the communities with whom we share our lives affect who we are.”

“In the past, place, along with friends, family and traditions, provided the strongest grounds for building a sense of belonging. This exhibition questions the extent to which this might have changed - or not.”

With this in mind, the works draw not only on the artists’ homes and local communities but also on their personal experiences and memories, cultural backgrounds and heritage. These globally-focused stories are stitched together to create an evocative show about life in regional Australia.

The final exhibit will be held at the Burnie Regional Art Gallery from Friday, 30 October 2020 to Saturday, 12 December 2020. Entry is free if you want to see the beautiful works from across regional Australia and the artfully decorated flotilla of boats that carried them. 

The exhibition was curated by Pat Hoffie with associate curator Rosemary Miller for the Burnie Regional Art Gallery exhibition and was toured by Contemporary Art Tasmania.