Six top family activities near Melbourne, Vic

February 24, 2019 / By Oceana Setaysha

Parents with kids, listen up! We know that keeping little people entertained is a big job, but there is a light on the horizon. Melbourne is a very exciting, and remarkably family-friendly city, if you know where to go. There’s so much on offer in terms of activities and experiences that both parents and kids will enjoy, and we wanted to share some of our favourite locations. We’ve focused on activities that suit family budgets and fit in a busy but exciting day. Buckle up and get ready to fill your family bucket list with our 6 top picks for family activities in and around Melbourne. 

Collingwood Children’s Farm (above)

If you’ve got a few city kids to entertain, why not take them on a country escape without leaving the bounds of Melbourne at all? At the Collingwood Children’s Farm, just 5km from the CBD, kids get a chance to experience the life of a farmer, feeding cows and chickens, riding ponies, and patting baby lambs. There’s a farmer’s market every second Saturday, and a café on the grounds that offers more than enough in delicious treats and coffee to keep parents satisfied as well! Children’s tickets are $7 and adults are $12, with family and concession prices also available. 

Melbourne Museum (Including A Children’s Gallery!) 

As a parent it might seem like a nightmare to take your kids to a museum, but the Melbourne museum is not like most museums. As well as being home to an enormous range of exhibits that offer value for folks of all ages, the Melbourne Museum also houses the Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery. A permanent daily exhibition suited for kids aged 0-5, the Children’s Gallery is all about hands-on exploration and discovery, with lots of play-based learning in a unique and creative setting. Entry to the gallery is included with museum tickets, which only adults need to purchase at a cost of $15/each. 

Scienceworks (above)

Speaking of museums, another one that is sure to impress even your older kids is Scienceworks, an interactive museum located in Spotswood. The museum is jam-packed with exhibits and activities that will keep kids busy and learning, and even parents might be surprised at what they didn’t know. Entry for kids to the museum is free, with adult tickets at $15. There is an additional cost for the planetarium and lightning room shows, which are entirely optional but a whole lot of fun. 

Royal Park Nature Playground

There are some great playgrounds in Melbourne, but there’s one that really stands out from the crowd: Royal Park. Located on the site of the former Children’s Hospital, this one-of-a-kind playground is all about natural environments. Kids will love the rocky outcrops, slides, swings and climbing ropes, and parents will appreciate the landscaping and picnic-ready parkland. The best thing? There’s no fee! Also worth checking out for playground lovers are the Fitzroy Adventure Playground and the St Kilda Adventure Playground. 

We think you should know: The Weekender's travel guides are independently written by real travellers. We do not receive any money from, or have a sponsorship arrangement with, any of the entities listed in, or referred to in this article.

Blue Lotus Water Garden (above)

There is a wonderland waiting just 1.5 hours outside of Melbourne, where fairies play and lotuses stretch out as far as the eye can see. The Blue Lotus Water Garden is a seasonal attraction (open from December until April) located near the Yarra Junction. Spread over 14 acres, the gardens are home to thousands of lotus flowers and waterlily blooms, as well as unique plants like the Giants of the Amazon, the world’s largest waterlily species. Kids will love meeting the Fairy Queen (check appearance dates and times online) and exploring the Flower Fairy Gardens. Adults tickets are $18 and kids are free. 

Werribee Zoo

The Werribee Open Range Zoo brings the wilds of Africa to within easy reach of Melbourne. Located around 30 minutes outside of Melbourne city, the zoo provides an awesome opportunity to experience a safari without ever leaving the country. See a wide variety of animals, including bison, wild dogs, gorillas, hippos, rhinos, giraffes, big cats and so much more. There are informative talks throughout the day, and a dedicated indoor place space for kids. Entry to the zoo is free for kids on weekends and during school holidays, with adult day tickets coming in at $37. Both Melbourne Zoo and the Healesville Sanctuary also offer this deal if your kids are big animal lovers.

With a list like this on hand and kids to entertain, the only question left to ask is: where are you going today?

We think you should know: The Weekender's travel guides are independently written by real travellers. We do not receive any money from, or have a sponsorship arrangement with, any of the entities listed in, or referred to in this article.

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