A chat with Dena and Jane from Saloon, Braidwood, NSW

January 21, 2020 / By The Weekender Travel

Jane Magnus and Dena Pharaoh-Pezzano Jane Magnus and Dena Pharaoh-Pezzano

Here at the Weekender, we love meeting locals doing fantastic things in the places we love to escape to. So recently, we caught up with renowned dressmaker, Dena Pharaoh-Pezzano and designer, Jane Magnus. They are the fabulous creative duo behind Saloon, in beautiful Braidwood. 

Dena has worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years, as a dressmaker, fashion designer and teacher. She specialises in pattern making and couture dressmaking, and loves to pass on her experience as a mentor and champion of ethical fashion production. 

Jane has always loved the way people creatively express themselves with fashion. As a designer and cutter, her passion revolves around designing dresses that are beautiful and timeless, but perfect to wear every day.

Their gorgeous store in historic Braidwood offers ‘clothing for the wild and wise’, featuring practical but playful pieces made for getting things done, while feeling fabulous, of course! 

All of the clothes are made in-house and you don’t have to worry about anyone else turning up in the same thing. The items, made from organic cotton, velvets, wool, silk and more, are one-offs or strictly limited editions. 

Their aim to celebrate the women of Braidwood, both past and present, along with the fresh air and stunning landscapes, is captured throughout the collection. Think high-waisted skirts, sweeping tailored dresses and luxurious shirts inspired by the past for women of today.

Here’s what Jane and Dena had to say about living in Braidwood:
We love living in Braidwood. We love our beautiful countryside, our tight-knit community (across multiple generations and interests) and that everyone knows our kid's names and says, "Hi" when we walk down the street. 
We love to hang out at our local coffee shops, at Smokey Horse for dinner and at Bombay swimming hole on balmy evenings. 
And .... don't be fooled, the best bread and cakes are not at the Braidwood Bakery, they are at Casanova's and Dojo Bakery!
Come and visit us!

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