A weekend with 'Tonight We Dream' on the Far South Coast, NSW

July 3, 2019 / By Sophia Collins

Jennifer Chong is the energy behind Tonight We Dream. While she's a self-confessed city girl, she also loves the beach. So we caught up with her to find out about a recent trip she made to the Far South Coast, NSW.

What’s your favourite destination to visit outside of Sydney and why?

I recently travelled to the NSW Far South Coast (the stretch between Narooma and Merimbula) and I LOVED IT! I’m not sure if I’m being biased, but down south the waters seem cleaner, the sand is whiter and there is so much to explore. As you drive there, the people seem to slip away and you’re welcomed by a whole lot of nature and silence.  The pace is so much slower, which feels amazing. It’s great when you just need a break from city life. 

Any hidden secrets/tips for people who like to visit?

I loved visiting Bermagui and still dream about the delicious homemade gelato at the Bermagui Gelati Clinic. It’s saying something when there’s a line to buy gelato in a small town so far away. The fish & chips at Bermagui Wharf are also some of the best. Many fish & chip shops in Sydney actually get their fish from Bermagui so it’s like getting it straight from the source.  

I also loved stopping at Wallagoot Gap, a small inlet 15 minutes drive south from Tathra, where the water's shallow and you can find little alcoves just for you.

What would be your ideal day on the Far South Coast? (from 8am - 8pm)

My ideal day would be to head down to the beach first thing and go for a quick dip. Even in winter I can't go to the beach without getting in the water. I then like to drive around the area and discover new places to hike or just sit and relax (usually more beaches). I also take a lot of photos! The landscape is stunning down there. At night, I love to rug up, sit outside and take in the stars while enjoying some cider.

So much more to explore - Far South Coast