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Best places for breakfast Bendigo VIC

By Oceana Setaysha

November 8, 2020 | 5 minute read

Percy and Percy
Percy and Percy

Looking to breakfast or brunch in Bendigo? While the gold rush might have packed up and left,  a whole lot more has arrived in its place. Exploring this fascinating town is a "must do" for Victorians and visitors alike, and fuelling that exploration is just as important. 

We all know that Melbourne is renowned for its foodie scene, but did you know that Bendigo is serving up a few surprises of its own these days? Here are some of my favourite spots.

* At the time of writing, activities and places mentioned in this guide are at varying stages of recovery from COVID-19. Please check government and business websites for specific details on opening times and any restrictions before you travel.

Percy and Percy

There’s something so cool about Percy and Percy, situated in a building that was once a grocery store and then a milk bar owned by two different men named Percy. Inside you’ll find signs of this history, in the fabrics and décor reminiscent of both an old-time grocery store and a classic milk bar. 

The menu is clearly inspired by Central Victoria’s amazing produce, resulting in a fare that will impress any brunch enthusiast. If that wasn’t enough, the coffee is simply sublime.  


You’ve probably heard of Hygge, the Danish idea of celebrating connection, wellbeing and warmth in a social setting. Well, Hygge is pronounced Hoo-Gah, and that is where this cute Bendigo favourite gets its name and philosophy. Their breakfast menu is packed with delicious Central Victorian produce, served in a café environment that feels as much like a sanctuary as any you’ve ever been in. Enjoy your coffee and soak up the serenity … We think you’ll be back!

The Boardwalk Bendigo
The Boardwalk Bendigo

The Boardwalk Bendigo 

Boardwalks might be synonymous with beachfront, but Bendigo serves up this particular boardwalk lakeside. Nestled on the edge of stunning Lake Weeroona, and offering what they say is the “most breath-taking views in Central Victoria”, The Boardwalk is more than just a spot for brunch. 

A dog-friendly café that also caters events and weddings, brunch at The Boardwalk is a creative and kitschy as the menu itself. Have a laugh at the brekkie names, and then order up a storm!


The spelling might trip you up, but if you happen to fall into the loving embrace of Sim’R, we think you’ll do just fine. The cafe sources the highest quality local produce and the freshest items for a menu that delivers taste on every level. 

All of the Sim’R offerings are made to order, alongside a rainbow of baked goodies in their displays. Sip on a smooth coffee and enjoy their classic but delightful breakfast and brunch offerings. Believe us, they are worth it!

Old Green Bean Cafe

The Old Green Bean Café is a coffee roaster and a café that will satisfy anyone looking for delicious and delectable fare. Their in-house roasted coffees are served up to a crowd of dedicated regulars, alongside a menu packed with seasonal produce and new specials every week. 

Old Green Bean Café offers an all-day breakfast spanning simple wholesome meals to those with more pizzazz. Sample everything on offer in multiple visits, or feast yourself from here to beyond on sweet, savoury, toasted and tasty. Believe us, this is one café that doesn’t get old.

Old Green Bean Cafe
Old Green Bean Cafe

Brewhouse Coffee Roasters 

If it’s the best coffee in Bendigo you’re looking for, from the experts in coffee, the Brewhouse Coffee Roasters is probably among your top choices. Not only are they a specialty café, they’re also a coffee roaster, roasting their own beans for a decade to the point of sheer perfection. 

The café menu offers breakfast classics with lots of local produce, married with all your tastiest favourites. For a breakfast worth coming back for at any time of the day, it’s Brewhouse all the way.


Cortille has been a part of Bendigo for around five years, and is known by locals as the ‘café with the van’. Inspired by Melbourne’s food scene, with a pinch of Asia and the greatest hits of food truck culture, Cortille is a key part of the Bendigo café landscape. 

Their all-day breakfast is one to remember and includes all the classics with a cool twist and a whole lot more for those wanting to test their taste buds. Favourites from the regulars include their stunning waffles, either from their list or a ‘design your own’, and a cup of their fantastic coffee brews. These are drinks you’ll want to enjoy sitting down! 

Wholefoods Kitchen

Wholefoods Kitchen is exactly how you probably imagine it, with oodles of healthy variety and produce bursting from every bite of their stunning menu. Take your breakfast with a side of locally roasted coffee from the nearby Old Green Bean Café, and settle into a delicious selection of brekkie goodness. 

There’s a variety of choice from the Wholefoods Kitchen’s expert chefs, as well as bundled breakfast options and a build your own breakfast, for anything your stomach so desires. It’s the ultimate in creative breakfast outlets, and easy to love. 

Breakfast in Bendigo is full of unexpected surprises, delightful colours and fresh flavours. Whether you’re looking for a café with the simple perfection of country food, or a quirky menu with lots to keep you guessing, Bendigo has got it all and more. Take a drive and see, or taste, for yourself sometime! 

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