Bouddi National Park - rock art, beaches and wildlife

February 3, 2019 / By Ailsa Kemp

Bouddi National Park is one of the most stunning stretches of land you will find in New South Wales. Thanks to Marie Byles who fiercely fought for the land to remain public, we can enjoy the protected 3,700 acres of protected land today. 

Less than a 2-hour scenic drive from Sydney, there is simply no reason for you to not pack your bags and head there immediately for a weekend to relax and recharge away from the bright lights of the city. 

It reminds you to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature as there are secret sandy beaches, waterfalls, rainforests and bushwalks to be enjoyed. 

So, how exactly to do you get there?

Bouddi National Park isn't far from Gosford on the Central Coast. While you can actually see Sydney from some of its lookouts, you'll need to do a little bit of winding to get there but don't worry - the drive is just as gorgeous as the destination.

What can you do there?

There are over 100 significant Aboriginal sites that have been recorded, and there are most likely many more still to be discovered. It's a very special experience to be wandering through the trees and find rock shelters with engravings, Aboriginal art, middens and grinding grooves that are hundreds and thousands of years old. This alone makes Bouddi National Park a valuable piece of Australian culture and history. 

As you explore the bush tracks, you will no doubt come across some Australia wildlife. There is a variety of them calling Bouddi home, so make sure to stay aware of where you stand and keep your camera ready! If you visit the park during May and July and again during September and October, make sure to head to some of the lookouts because you'll most likely spot humpback whales on their migration. 

I have already mentioned bushwalks but I do mean it when I say there are plenty of tracks in the national park to keep you busy. There is also the Bouddi Coastal Walk that runs for 8 kilometres from Putty Beach to MacMasters Beach if you want stunning views and plenty of fresh air. If you prefer to try your hand at something else, there are numerous other outdoor activities to keep the whole family entertained including fishing, mountain bike trails and picnic areas. 

All of that activity is bound to work up a sweat. There are 7 beaches in the national park, 6 of them only accessible by track. This means that the beaches are peaceful, gorgeous and downright picturesque. 

Where to stay 

You have a choice - you can pitch a tent as Bouddi provides several fantastic camping grounds or you can retreat back into civilisation and stay in a hotel or Airbnb. If you're camping, then you can't go past Little Beach or Putty Beach to still remain within the park itself. For those who don't mind staying a little out of the park, we have some amazing Central Coast properties that suit a variety of budgets. 

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