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Eight romantic picnic spots Great Ocean Road VIC

By Oceana Setaysha

September 4, 2020 | 5 minute read

When it comes to romance - both old and new - there is nothing better than spending a day picnicking with your special someone in a beautiful location. And it turns out that the Great Ocean Road has some of the best spots in Victoria. 

So grab your picnic rug and foodie delights, and check out these spots along the Great Ocean Road. We guarantee your special someone is bound to feel spoilt.  

* At the time of writing, activities and places mentioned in this guide are at varying stages of recovery from COVID-19. Please check government and business websites for specific details on opening times and any restrictions before you travel.

Melba Gully

When a spot is known as the ‘Jewel of the Otways’, you know you just have to check it out. Melba Gully is not only a beautiful and unique place to come with your significant other, it’s also some of the wettest and densest rainforest in the Otways region. 

Walking tracks meander through the lush gully and a population of glow worms can be seen in the evenings. For picnic lovers, there are tables, gas BBQs and toilets, as well as a delightful 35min walk that takes in all the magical sights of Melba Gully.

Wye River

One of the Great Ocean Roads smaller townships, Wye River is a little hideaway that will take you and your love back to the simple days. Home to a beachside caravan park, holiday homes, and a really special general store, which is part store and part gourmet deli with fresh produce on the side. 

Visitors will also find a tempting picnic ground on the Wye River foreshore, complete with free electric BBQs and seating. Pick up some essentials, and some delicacies at the Wye River General Store and take a time out to feel the serenity of this coastal hamlet.

Sheoak Falls
Sheoak Falls

Sheoak Falls Picnic Area

If you’re looking for a romantic waterfall stroll to go along with your picnic, either as a pre-picnic appetiser or a post-picnic dessert, Sheoak Falls Picnic Area is a great place to make a start. Some of Lorne’s best waterfalls walks begin here, including Henderson Falls, Phantom Falls, Sheoak Falls, Won Wondah Falls and Kalimna Falls. 

In the picnic area lovebirds will appreciate the shelters, gas BBQs and toilets as much as they will love the promise of adventure, and waterfall wandering, waiting over the horizon.

Teddy’s Lookout

Looking down on the curving bends of the Great Ocean Road as miniature cars weave along the coast is an experience that really can’t be missed. While most visitors do make it up to Teddy’s Lookout, few of them take the time to enjoy the atmosphere. 

There are lovely picnic tables set amongst the bushland at the top of the lookout, perfect for a little picnic basket filled with the local goodies that Lorne is so famed for (check the local IGA for a start!). Of course you might be so busy looking at your partner that the vista below goes entirely unnoticed.

Kennett River Reserve

Kennett River attracts the visitors throughout the year on the Great Ocean Road due to the population of often visible koalas napping blissfully in trees. Most folks are just drop-ins, gone as quickly as they arrived, but there’s so much more to enjoy at Kennett River if you’re willing to stick around. 

For a truly lovely picnic destination take the trip down Grey River Road (sometimes rough in the winter months) to a spot on the river across from the beach. There may not be BBQs at this spot, but there’s peace, quiet and perhaps a koala or two snoozing up above.

Teddy's Lookout
Teddy's Lookout

Triplet Falls 

The Otway Ranges are absolutely bursting with stunning forest walks traversing to picturesque waterfalls, but one of our favourite spots (particularly when we’ve got a romantic spring in our step) is Triplet Falls. It’s ideal for a picnic adventure because the 1hr waterfall loop is the perfect length to work up your appetite.

Afterwards, park yourself and your special someone at the picnic tables and enjoy some quiet time as the forest hums around you, with the sound of the falls echoing in the distance.

Shelley Beach 

Tucked away at the end of Elliot River Road just a few kilometres from Apollo Bay, Shelley Beach is one of many beautiful beach locations along the Great Ocean Road. We love it as a special picnic spot simply because it is a hidden gem, set amidst the Eucalypt forests and close to a short track that will take picnic-goers down to the beach to walk off their meal. 

There’s seating and toilets at this spot, but no BBQs so plan accordingly. And make sure you head down to the beach afterwards for a long wander along the sand!

The Redwoods 

The Great Ocean Road Redwoods are nothing short of magic. Majestic giants soar above playing games with the morning and afternoon light, dappling it and making it dance in rays across the forest floor. Lovers will lose themselves wandering among these sentinels, and when they emerge a few picnic tables await them just outside the plantation line. 

Alternatively take a blanket and find a spot under the canopy, perhaps beside the bubbling brook to gaze about and fall in love a little more. If you’re looking to leave your lover with stars in their eyes, this is the spot to do so.

So, the next time you’re exploring the Great Ocean Road with someone close to your heart, take a time out and have a picnic at one of these special romantic picnic spots! Tried and tested, they are guaranteed to leave you and your special someone feeling the love.

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