Artist Anne Masters, Canberra, ACT

March 5, 2019 / By Kath for the Weekender Travel

Today I met Anne, owner of the Gallery of Small Things (GOST), in Watson Canberra. The day was beautiful – warm and sunny - and perfect for sitting outside in Anne’s backyard gallery and chatting.

Anne studied visual arts at ANU in Canberra and has been working as a ceramicist ever since. She makes fabulous small jewellery, bowls and decorations. Her Gallery features her own work and that of other artists who also love texture, form and all things small. 

 And it seems that Anne really is on to something with her gallery. In the 6 months since GOST opened she has been visited by busloads of travellers, and featured in Australian Traveller, Art Almanac and HerCanberra Magazine. She holds exhibitions, has plans for upcoming workshops and even makes chocolate cake for her visitors on special days.

So what makes the Gallery and Anne special?

GOST is special because of its size. Being in a smaller space you appreciate every piece in it. And there are many really gorgeous pieces – jewellery, scarves, pots and prints. The other thing that makes GOST special is that you can go into Anne’s workshop out the back of the Gallery, where there are books, her ceramics bench, and lots of lots of treasures. The whole space feels creative and refreshing.

What makes Anne special is that she really lives her belief that it is the little things in life that matter. Moments, flowers, chats – all the small things in life that go into making up the whole. Loving the little things is Anne’s form of mindfulness. By the time I left – I was seeing the little things too. What a gift. Thanks Anne!

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