Meet the locals- Justine of Millthorpe

February 3, 2019 / By Kath for the Weekender Travel

Today I met Justine, a resident of Millthorpe, in a trendy café in Orange. Work brought Justine to Orange from Northern NSW over 10 years ago. Now she is firmly a resident of Millthorpe and proud of it!  

Millthorpe is a small town of just over 1,000 people 15 minutes drive out of Orange – on the South side. While it’s a historic town, there is also a buzz and energy to it that comes from the people who live there being proud of what the town has to offer. Millthorpe is not a town stuck in the past. It has great coffee, two cellar doors, on-trend shops and some really great places to stay. 

And this is where Justine comes in. Justine owns For2, a 2 bedroom studio situated in the heart of Millthorpe. Stylish even by Sydney standards it reflects Justine’s love of beautiful things and of making travellers feel very welcome. She provides local wine, fruit and chocolates for her guests and spends time sourcing all the design items in the studio directly in Australia and Indonesia (see 

So what makes Millthorpe and Justine interesting?

With Millthorpe this is easy! On top of all the other great things this town has to offer – it has a one-hatted restaurant – Tonic! Incredible! And being situated in a small town means you don’t have to book months in advance to get in.

And with Justine – it is that she typifies the hospitality and down to earth nature of Millthorpe – with an added streak of on-trend creativity and style. 

Millthorpe is a town you will be happy you visited. The challenge now is to get there before everyone else does!

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