South Coast, NSW

Relax and unplug at Hyams Beach NSW

By Sheriden Stokes

September 2, 2020 | 3 minute read

Who would have thought that just a 3-hour drive away from Sydney, is the whitest sand in the world? Not me! But the Guinness book of world records seems to think so… 

* At the time of writing, activities and places mentioned in this guide are at varying stages of recovery from COVID-19. Please check government and business websites for specific details on opening times and any restrictions before you travel.

Four friends and I headed down to check it out during a bank holiday weekend. Hyams Beach is where it’s at, located on the South coast of New South Wales in Jervis Bay. This beach is best accessed by car as it’s situated down a long lane next to a small village. There is a car park nearby or if it’s super busy like it was for us, you can park for free down the side of this lane and walk down which takes around 10-15 minutes. 

Before you head down there, you are best to grab yourself a cool bag and take a picnic like we did. There isn't much around Hyams Beach restaurant-wise as it's quite a secluded area in comparison to the beaches near the city, so it’s best to come prepared with snacks and drinks. There is a small little cafe to the left of the beach, but I'm sure this gets pretty busy and it's always nice not have to move far when you’re enjoying yourself.

Now this is going to sound so cliché but the sand is so bright it actually hurts your eyes when the sun is at full beam, and it even squeaks when you walk on it! That is something I have never experienced before! This, along with the crystal clear water that lets you see your own shadow on the sea bed below makes it one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. 

The beach is lined by a cluster of trees so if the sun gets too much, there is always a bit of shade to get into. Odd collections of rocks are scattered along the beach and are perfect to lie on if the sand gets too much, with pools of water in the middle of them that you can lie in and cool off without having to brave the waves.  

If you've had enough of sunbathing on the beach or are heading down for more than a day, only a 20 minute drive away from Hyams Beach is Booderee National Park ($11 entry for 2 days, which you pay as you drive through to it). We drove down here and headed towards Cave Beach. 

You are able to camp in this national park in the woodland area as they have BBQ areas and showers/ toilets set up for it. The beach is 100m away from the camping area down a track and there are wild kangaroos hopping all around you. They are surprisingly quite friendly, although I’m pretty sure it’s just because they want to be fed!

So if you want to spend a day, or even a weekend on the most gorgeous beach in the world and feel like you've taken a tropical holiday, you need to book yourself a trip to Hyams Beach!

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