Three perfect houses for Halloween, Daylesford, VIC

October 20, 2019 / By Michelle Hubbard

Maggies Maggies

With Halloween fast approaching perhaps you’re looking for a fright-tastic escape? Here are three houses that are close enough to haunted or spooky activities (but in escape distance) to guarantee a Halloween to remember. Brace yourselves ...

Maggies, Trentham
4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 8 Guests
While you will find that Maggies is an utter delight, nearby is the Cosmopolitan Hotel which might serve up an absolute fright! Rumours have it that the pub, originally built in 1866, is frequented by the ghostly figure of a young girl who has been visiting for over a century. If you can hack it, however, you’ll get a warm ‘locals’ welcome and a menu filled with tasty regional food. Back at Maggies, soak up the glamorous interiors and 19th-century heritage charm. 

Ayra Ayra

Arya, Trentham
6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 12 Guests 
What’s not to love about Trentham? Not only does it sit high atop the stunning Great Dividing Range but it offers chestnuts, cherries, olive-oil tasting and more on your doorstep. Ok the Bakery is called RedBeard but if that's the only scary thing around - then there's nothing to worry about? Well not really - as in nearby Blackwood (only 15 minutes drive) you’ll find The Blackwood Hotel,  home to a staggering amount of ghost stories - in part because the premises used to be a morgue (yes A MORGUE!) If that’s all too much, retreat back to Ayra where you can immerse yourself in style and luxury in this house that was once a yoga and wellness retreat. A perfect anti-dote to any Halloween horrors.

Yandoit Church Yandoit Church

Yandoit Church
3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 6 Guests
Perfect for a group of friends looking for an architectural hideaway. Secluded, surrounded by trees and not a soul to bother you, what could possibly go wrong? Well nothing we hope! Built in 1884 and used as an active church until 1993, Yandoit Church is one of most sought after and award winning accommodation properties in the area. The nave is the centrepiece of the home and has some original features including vaulted ceiling, gothic windows and hand-painted friezes. And with not many locals nearby, you're guaranteed a spookily scary  walk in the dark night with only a waxing moon to keep you company.  

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